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Drexel Outpost Evacuated


Reports are coming in of an emergency evacuation currently underway from an independently owned outpost in the Drexel system.

The station, owned and operated by the Outer Rim Engineering Company broadcasted an emergency SOS earlier this morning requesting immediate Republic Military intervention, our sources in nearby mining operations inform us that the station itself has been powered down for several days.

“We avoid it like the plague” said Mining Foreman Oscar Ratooth “Always strange goings on over there, all sorts of unmarked freighters coming and going all times of the day, strange shipping containers there one day, and gone from sight the next with no signals from any freighters headed for the place. It's not uncommon for things to go eerily quiet on that ghost station, downright creepy if you ask me”


The station, Designated 'ORECO-Resh-4' in the galactic database, under the description of an Independant mining facility, has been mired in rumours of illicit trading and smuggling activities for several months. The station itself, an abandoned asteroid mining facility, was bought outright by ORECO following the previous owners financial collapse and has recently undergone extensive upgrading and defensive modifications. All investigations to date have been dismissed due to a lack of substantial evidence.

We spoke to ORECO Headquarters on Coruscant for an update on the situation and received this transmission from CEO and founder Tovas Deak.

“We can confirm an emergency signal was broadcast from our station at 0300 central Coruscant time this morning, we immediately contacted the relevant Republic authorities and are working with them providing our fullest co-operation to remedy the situation.”

“We have dispatched our own investigation team from a nearby sector, to liaise with and offer any and all assistance required by the Republic forces en-route to the station, that is all I have to say at this time.”


ORECO's recent dispute with independant contractors 'Stellar Security' has been all over the outer-rim newsfeeds in recent months, a multi-million credit law suit being raised against ORECO for cancellation of a galaxy-wide contract which allegedly led to the security firm filing for recent bankruptcy.

When asked for his opinion on the current evacuation, Stellar's previous managing director Rathuis Dent refused to comment, but shortly afterwards we received an official communication from Stellar Security's current administration stating that the current situation was 'Not unexpected and only a matter of time before wires became crossed'

A trio of Republic Thranta class frigates were seen leaving Carrick station earlier this morning, with no other news of trouble in the quadrant, we can only speculate at exactly what is happening inside the darkness of the asteroids in the Drexel belt.