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The greater of two evils

The Empire rears its ugly face

Photo, Courtesy of Republic High Command


An investigation gone awry
As the Republic forces trudged through the battleground that their intelligence had hinted at, they came upon a treasure trove. This treasure, though laden with information of “gold”, bore with it the curse, as is the case with many a peculiar find in these wilder, remote places of the galaxy. Upon the ground they walked and scouted carefully, until from a distance they heard the sound of blasterfire. With instincts on edge already, our brave forces moved forward carefully to ascertain the situation. Before them lay a nebulous sight, hidden by the smoke and oakum of battle, the fog of war. On one hand, the familiar outfits of Imperial soldiers specialized in snow warfare were fighting for their lives, their transport wrecked, against an unknown foe. Our brave men and women moved ever onwards.

Upon establishing contact with the Imperial troops, our command discovered that they had been under attack by likely the same group the Republic was investigating. Though dual in its nature, the scales of the rhetoric “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, settled in favour of Republic and Imperial. At the end of the day, better the enemy you know.

It was a distasteful event to say the least. You could see that soldiers on both camps had lost comrades to each others’ armed forces. And to me as well, for I lost my own during the Sacking of Coruscant. Nevertheless, all soldiers grit their teeth and now faced the so-far unknown enemy who began hailing the Eternal Emperor. Is this some new infighting amongst Imperial sects? Time will tell. The ones our soldiers rescued had information to share, and we were not about to let that opportunity slip from our grasp, no matter the icy planet.

Proceeding ever onwards
I am sitting outside the Bridge and contemplating what Commander Yasra must be thinking right now. It is a given that the information being discussed of the highest secrecy, otherwise I would have been invited to listen in. Whatever it is, I have full faith in the capabilities of our beloved Republic Navy and its troops, pilots and crew.


*Balentin Sarago is a writer and war correspondent for GNBC News. He graduated from the Coruscanti University of Journalism three years ago and has been attached to several active Fleets in the past, both in combat and on patrol. He has been nominated for the prestigious Grulitzer Prize for his piece on “Sith Empire Defectors: Why are our Armed Forces letting them in?”.