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Republic High Command Reacts to Western Reaches Mystery

An expedition of Naval and Jedi forces is underway

Photo, Courtesy of Republic High Command

A hive of activity upon the Jewel of the Republic
It was a lovely afternoon on Coruscant, but deep within the offices of Admiralty Plaza, the situation room of the First Expeditionary Fleet was abuzz with activity. The First Expeditionary Fleet and the Jedi forces of The Lost Praxeum had been summoned to find out more about the situation transpiring on the Western Reaches of the Galactic Republic. Galactic News Broadcasting Channel’s own, Balentin Sarago* was there, as High Command had graciously allowed him to accompany the Fleet on their upcoming campaign.


Flurry of meetings
The debriefing of the armed forces had begun the day prior, on the 28th, when Vice Admiral Reugen, First Expeditionary Fleet commander-in-chief attended a promotion ceremony for his troops. Speaking before them, he prepared them for the next eve’s meeting, mentioning the need for a reactionary force to be sent by High Command to sectors in the galactic west.

Debriefed, but are they prepared?
We have all seen that the Fleet has been stationed over Coruscant for some time now, and according to official sources, preparations to sail are well underway. We have no doubt of the capabilities of our troops, but as of recently, the lull in the galactic cold war against the Sith Empire, raises valid questions on the readiness of the troops and the accompanying Jedi ship,which is no more than a teaching facility. Will these troops be adequately prepared to face whatever danger may await them that close to the wild reaches of space? Is the Jedi Order not setting our children up for danger if they take a ship like the Deliverance as close to danger as the Naval Forces will be?
GNBC polled two top Coruscanti think-tanks, “Crystal-Front”, and “WayWard” on the situation. Their reactions were unexpected, with one of the analysts saying: “I have never seen High Command make such decisions lightly, but I have doubts as to how Intelligent this move can be”. The spokesperson for the Admiralty has not returned holocalls requesting a formal answer.


The briefing
As Commander B. Yasra, Captain of the famous Gav Daragon and Jedi Master Del’oride took center stage in front of the galactic map, the troops gathered, some in their navy whites and some in their traditional -or less so- Jedi garb. Forming a half circle around the holomap, the good Commander began debriefing them. According to this reporter’s sources, the debriefing alluded to the danger of the mission being undertaken and spoke of a loss of contact with several colonies and military outposts on the frontiers of Republic space in the Western Reaches. The situation was only made worse due to the fact of the ComSats being taken down, and the appearance of traces of Cronau radiation in said systems picked up by long-range scanners indicates space travel of small flotillas. The area of these incidents is reportedly vast, taking up a large part of the Great Gran Run and including the Semagi, Narrant and Tashtor sectors.

According to the aforementioned briefing, nobody knows what has exactly transpired so far from the Galactic Core. Thus, the Fleet and the accompanying Jedi are now being sent to investigate the occurrences. It is worth mentioning that according to the map, these Republic forces will be the only ones within reach of the heart of the problem for hundreds, if not thousands of parsecs. Therein lies the catch. How will the Fleet combat whatever foe or astronomical phenomenon has caused the loss of contact, and when they do, how will they relay back the information of their findings in a timely manner, to the Core?
The answer lies within the ComSat arrays that have been loaded on the Fleet’s ships and which will have to be deployed in order to reestablish said communications. If that proves to be an impossibility, and for whatever other reason the Fleet may decide, according to sources within High Command the Investigative Force has been given strict orders to withdraw and report back.


The force comes not only with its Jedi and starfighters, but with the renowned 648 ODMCs who, as usual, will be stationed aboard the Gav Daragon and will be spearheading the investigation aboard the planets. High Command believes that the aforementioned capabilities are enough to safeguard the Republic from whatever threat looms out there, be that known or unknown. GNBC’s Balentin Sarago will remain attached to the Fleet to keep you updated on the situation weekly.


*Balentin Sarago is a writer and war correspondent for GNBC News. He graduated from the Coruscanti University of Journalism three years ago and has been attached to several active Fleets in the past, both in combat and on patrol. He has been nominated for the prestigious Grulitzer Prize for his piece on “Sith Empire Defectors: Why are our Armed Forces letting them in?”.