16 -June -2019 - 02:37




Several months ago we reported on the mining colony of Planet-P Venta Monis that had undergone a serious setback due to local fauna. While mining valuable metals for construction the outposts had been attacked by an insectoid species of wildlife.

Since then, the administrators behind the colony have instigated Project Home; An initiative to relocate the insectoids. They planned to do this by synthesising the pheromones of the insectoids and placing large concentrations of such in locations many kilometres distance from the main mining efforts.

Unfortunately, the scientists tasked with this have informed us that they have run into several complications. Firstly, they need to extract the pheromones from a live specimen in order to be able to correctly analyse, and then manufacture, a synthetic copy. This is necessary in order to produce the large quantities needed to entice the insectoids into leaving their current burrows and nests, which currently put them into direct conflict with Republic Forces stationed to defend the civilians involved with the mining efforts.
Secondly,  the capture of a live specimen is proving extremely difficult. The insectoids attack without any thought to their own survival. Experts believe that they must posses some form of hive mind that drives them to this level of aggression. As such, all encounters with these creatures has resulted in none left standing; Even when they had have appendages removed with blaster fire or explosives, they continue their attack. Efforts to use a chemical agent to induce the insectoids into a comatose state have also failed, leading the scientists involved in Project Home to the conclusion that they have an incredibly active metabolism and are able to neutralise these agents very quickly.

Marines from the 1632nd Marine Regiment, and other personnel from the RSS Farsight, have now been combating these insectoids with limited success for several months. For the most part, they have been deployed to base defence and lack the necessary manpower or equipment to do anything other than this. On top of that, aerial support has proved completely ineffective. While they are able to neutralise any large massing of the insectoids on the surface, they cannot employ large enough ordnance to penetrate the burrows without damaging the metals that are entire reason for the Republic’s presence on Planet-P Venta Monis.

The Senate has, this past week, decided to temporarily increase the forces deployed to Planet-P Venta Monis, in an effort to make an impression on the insectoids and secure the mining colony for several more years. No details as yet on this current deployment.

2019  First Expeditionary Fleet