17 -July -2019 - 10:25


A coup has taken place on Iros and the president has been captured after a battle in the capital city of Iral. In an announcement broadcast across the HoloNet, Major Pelosia, a spokesman for the self-appointed Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy, said the Irosian constitution had been suspended and all state institutions dissolved.  The junta has effectively taken control over the planetary government, imposing a curfew, closing all surface borders and grounding all spaceport traffic.

Pelosia called on the people of Iros to "remain calm during the transition period, and help us  [to] make Iros an example of democracy and good governance".
"We call on both the local population and the wider galaxy to support us in our patriotic action to save Iros and its population from poverty, deception and corruption," he added.

The Republic News Services journalist Idy Baran in Iral has said that, despite the curfew, people have gone to emporiums and places of worship as normal. Baran has also commented that there is an obvious military presence on the streets, and heavy artillery has been deployed around the presidential palace.

One opposition leader in the Irosian government, Maham Kiaro, welcomed the coup and praised the soldiers as "honest patriots".
"They behave like they say - they are not interested in political leadership, they will fight to save the Irosian people from any kind of tyranny," he said to Idy Baran in an interview.

President Anarius irb-Hurran, in power for more than a decade in the mineral-rich system, is believed to be in captivity at a military barracks somewhere inside the capital city, and reports from remnant's of the state security ministry say government officials are also being held at the same location. Tensions have been growing across the planet since last year, when President Anarius irb-Hurran controversially made several ammendments to Irosian constitution to allow him to stay in power beyond his legal term limit. Irb-Hurran's presidency has also been mired in ever increasing accusations of corruption and abuse of power.

Soldiers captured President Anarius irb-Hurran while he was chairing his weekly cabinet meeting, a government source told the Republic News Service. The government and opposition have been holding on-off talks since last year to try to resolve the planet's political crisis. President Anarius irb-Hurran, a former army officer, was first voted into office twelve years ago, and was returned to power following a re-election six years later.

The Galactic Republic has officially condemned the takeover, stating that violent upheveal is contrary to the Republic’s vision of a galaxy free of unconstitutional changes of government. While formally not a part of the Republic, the Iros system has been a long ally of the Republic. Colonel Arn Geral, speaking on behalf of the Republic Military, has stated that “Military cooperation between Iros and the Republic goes back decades”.

President Anarius irb-Hurran's supporters argue that his decade in power has brought economic prosperity and wealth to the planet. Under his tenure, the Corellian energy firm Careva has begun work on the world's second-biggest Rhydonium mine - ploughing an estimated one-point-five billion credits into the project. Coruscant's Planetary Energy Corporation signed a five billion credit deal in 9ATC to mine Anthracite on the first and second planets in the Iros system.

Tobian Zerga, reporting for the Galactic News Network

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