21 -September -2018 - 00:02


Zhellday's bombing in Iral was 'unlikely' to have been the work of any separatist group, the Irosian government has said. Colonel Mirus Avarian, a spokesman for the Iralian security forces, said this was the preliminary conclusion reached by investigators. The attack on the Iral’s state security building in the early hours of Zhellday morning injured six police constables, two of which died in hospital later that day. Reports from local police constabularies indicated that at least ten individuals are involved in the attack, and Police Chief Divoran has stated he believes the attack was planned at least a month in advance.

The latest statement by the Irosian authorities casts little new light on the mystery surrounding Zhellday's bombing, but it does appear to rule out the involvement of known terrorist organisations, like the Irosian Liberation Front. Representatives from the Irosian government later confirmed this, saying that they believe the attack is not linked to interplanetary terrorism, follwoing consultation with Republic intelligence agencies. Speculation persists that the attack was carried out by perpetrators belonging to a local terror cell or organised crime syndicate, though, according to a governmental spokesman, all current evidence indicates that the attack is the work of a larger, well-organised and previously unknown group.

The Iralian police are still looking for three men seen in security camera footage taken in an adjacent street to the state security building, just before the blast. Formal arrest warrants have been issued for these suspects, however, the polica are unable to provide any formal identification at this time, and it is believe that the perpetrators may have already fled the city. A reward of one million kaht (28,000 credits) has been offered for information leading to the arrest of these suspects.

At time of publication, no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, and no demands or other messages have been issued. The Irosian security forces have also appealed to the Republic for help in catching the perpetrators, and President Anarius irb-Hurran has called the bombing the "a despicable act against the unity of the Irosian people".

Keelu Passik, reporting for the Galactic New Network


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